DB Dental

Put a smile on your face

DB Dental is the largest privately owned dental group in Australia.

Since they started with one dental practice in 1987, DB Dental has continued growing and now cover fifteen locations, from Brighton to Mandurah.

The problem

DB Dental needed a new website and asked our partner JMG to help them out. JMG came up with a new strategy and design for DB Dental and then asked us to develop the website.

DB Dental had some specific requirements such as allowing their patients to book online via a detailed yet simple form, and being able to plot all their locations on a map so they could be easily found. They also needed to be able to manage the content in house as they have a number of regularly updated sections such as their careers page.

The solution

Spoon built them a Drupal site that could do all of these things. We used Google Maps to geolocate and display the locations which allowed us to easily show maps for both individual practices, and the entire group. Our patient booking form lets DB Dental's staff know when a new appointment is requested and potential employees can browse the latest jobs and even apply online.

DB Dental's staff can now change anything on the site at the drop of a hat and their new site has made life even easier for their patients.