So what is web development? To someone who isn't a web developer it might seem like a bunch of boring technical stuff.

We build a wide variety of custom websites and applications for our clients.

Some of them just want to be able to publish newsletters on their web site, while others want full administrative control over their entire intranet. Depending on your staff's technical knowledge, we can give you as little or as much control as you need.

A good web application makes the user's experience better. They should walk away from the interaction having gained something, whether it be information, a service or even a tangible product.

When considering developing a web application it is very important to plan things carefully. Development is labour intensive, so it makes sense not to waste time. There are always obstacles and problems you can't foresee, but you need to have a very clear direction of where you are going before you start.

Writing and testing code is only half of the equation. The other side of web development is making sure your users can get what they want. For your application to be useful, it needs to meet the user's requirements and expectations. If you need help planing and building your next web project then get in touch.

“Just remember: you're not a 'dummy', no matter what those computer books claim. The real dummies are the people who, though technically expert, couldn't design hardware and software that's usable by normal consumers if their lives depended upon it.”

Walter Mossberg