Perth Ice

Perth's oldest ice supplier

Perth Ice Works was established in 1859 and is Perth’s largest and oldest ice supplier.

They supply purified ice throughout the Perth metropolitan area to over 500 retail outlets.

The problem

Perth Ice Works needed a really simple website with one crucial bit of information - they needed to geo-locate every one of their 500 ice bins on a map and have them searchable by suburb. They supplied us with a spreadsheet of street addresses and we turned that into a beautiful and easy to use website.

The solution

The design centered on the map, with the aim of getting the user to enter their suburb. Whilst entering your suburb, the website will auto-complete based on what you have entered. After searching for your suburb, the five closest locations are shown the map. The user can then click on a location to get the address and then pick up some ice to chill their beverage of choice.

The site has made the chore of finding your closest ice bin a thing of the past. With a few clicks you can now locate ice wherever you are.